Breakfast Club - Knitting and crochet with Karen

29 Aug

Breakfast Club - Art with Nigel

22 Aug

Architecture Adventure - Recycle, Reduce, Reuse - Trower Power!

21 Aug

Immi Davis sings at The Mercury

19 Aug

Breakfast Club - Summer General Knowledge Quiz

15 Aug

Meet Your Local Councillors - St Edward's Ward

13 Aug

Marvin's Great Create Club

13 Aug

Breakfast Club - Gemstones with Butterfly Nur

08 Aug

Architecture Adventure - Hidden Nature

05 Aug

Breakfast Club - Friendship Bracelet Making with Carrie

01 Aug

Doves & Ducks

26 Jul

Breakfast Club - Art with Nigel

25 Jul

Baby and Kidzfest

23 Jul

The Songbird Hotel - Bird Embellish

23 Jul

The Songbird Hotel - Big Bird Hotel Build

22 Jul

Breakfast Club - Knitting and Crocheting with Karen

18 Jul


16 Jul

Romford Utopia

16 Jul

Breakfast Club - Tile By Design

11 Jul

Women's Football Fun Day

09 Jul

Breakfast Club - Diamond and Crystal trust

04 Jul

Jubilee Exhibition! On Tour Throughout Havering.

27 Jun

Breakfast Club - Summer Solstice with Karen

20 Jun

Men's Health Week

13 Jun

Breakfast Club - Personalise Your Own Pencil Case

13 Jun

That's My Doggo! - The Mercury's Fun Dog Show

11 Jun

Dog Show Competition Guidance

08 Jun

Breakfast Club - Let's Talk Yoga with Mary Griffiths

06 Jun

Breakfast Club - Red, White & Blue Crafts with Karen

30 May

Romford Film Festival Wednesday Festival Awards Day

25 May

Romford Film Festival Tuesday A United Kingdom

24 May

Romford Film Festival Monday Industry Symposium

23 May

Romford Film Festival Sunday Horrhiffic Take Over

22 May

Romford Film Festival Saturday Culture Mix

21 May

Romford Film Festival Friday Night At The Movies

20 May

Romford Film Festival Launch Day

19 May

Breakfast Club - Carrie's Film Quiz

16 May

Breakfast Club - Romford BID

09 May

Breakfast Club - Card Games With Carrie

02 May

Games of foam - Nerf Battle in the Mercury Shopping Centre

16 Apr

Breakfast Club - Neighbourhood Watch

14 Mar

Exotic Explorers - Animal Encounters

12 Mar

World Kidney Day

12 Mar

NOT LOST - Photographic Exhibition by Hannah Davis

23 Feb

Breakfast Club - Card Games With Carrie

16 Aug
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