We understand that visiting a shopping centre can sometimes be a stressful experience and we want to help make your trip easier. We also appreciate that not all disabilities are visible, so we work with many local groups to deliver training to our staff to try to understand the different needs of our customers.


At the Mercury, we try to provide as much of a tailored experience to all of our shoppers as we can. Therefore all of our team are trained in being aware of different disabilities and needs as well as taking pride in giving the best customer service.

Our security and Helpdesk teams are all trained in the following:

  • First Response First Aid
  • Customer Service
  • Autism Awareness
  • Dementia Friends Training

Our management team have also undergone training to help us be more aware of mental health needs for our younger customers gaining certification in Youth Mental Health First Aid. We also believe this awareness should be filtered to all of our services in The Mercury, including our retailers, therefore this year have received Purple Pound training to help us support our tenants.

We have built strong connections with our local groups and charities and we do our best in altering our physical environment to suit all of our customers needs any way we can.


You may have noticed that once a week on our social media and website we introduce you to a member of our team. This is so that you can feel comfortable in approaching any of us with a problem or concern and even start up a conversation if you like!

You can spot that we are part of the Mercury team, by the logos on our suit lapels of the purple polo-tops and ties. You may see our managers from time to time also – you won’t be able to recognise them just from their uniform but if you would like to speak to them, they can be called by any centre staff you meet on the malls.

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The centre is over three floors with a number of entrances from different levels:

  • Entrance 1, Level 2: Mercury Gardens near Peacocks, accessible by public bus
  • Entrance 2, Level 2: Mercury Gardens near McDonald’s, Pedestrian access
  • Entrance 3, Level 2: Junction Road near Asda, accessible by Taxi
  • Entrance 4, Level 2: Asda Carpark, near Wilko, accessible by Car
  • Entrance 5, Level 3: Asda Carpark, near Mecca, accessible by Car
  • Entrance 6, Level 1: Liberty Link, near Godfreys, Pedestrian access through The Liberty Centre

There are 5 lifts serving these levels, with:

  • Asda Lifts serving levels 2 & 3: Asda Carpark, near Asda (two large lifts, big enough for multiple trollies)
  • Scenic Lifts serving levels 1, 2 & 3: Under the dome in the centre of The Mercury (two medium sized lifts, big enough for a double buggy or mobile scooter)
  • Wilko Lift serving levels 2 & 3: Inside Wilko and beside the management suite.
  • Please note that there is a mezzanine level on floor 3, to access Mecca or Premiere Cinema without stairs, please use the scenic lifts to level 3, and to access the carpark, on level 3 please use the Wilko lift.
  • There are escalators serving all floors of the centre, minus the mezzanine floor on level 3.

Manual wheelchairs are available for free hire from our Security team, please ask a member of our team to get one for you and to assist you to/from your vehicle if required.


Every Tuesday The Mercury has a Sensory Shopping Day. This means that we turn off the music in our malls and dim the lights in brighter areas. We also ask our retailers to do the same to create a peaceful environment.

We have also developed a visual and sensory shopping guide to help customers navigate their way around. With these guides we aim to support individuals with autism spectrum conditions, sensory and additional needs and their parents/carers, during their visit to the Centre.

The guide will support you from the early stages of planning a visit, arriving at the Centre, information about our amenities and services to what to do in an emergency. We aim to ensure that you have a pleasant and fun visit in which you feel safe and supported. Throughout your visit there are friendly trained staff on hand should you require assistance and of course any further information should you need it can be accessed from our Help Desk.

We can also provide customers with an Autism awareness card if they would like to keep this with them during their visit for enhanced communication of their needs. This is available to download or pick up at The Helpdesk.


The Mercury currently have a hearing loop at our management reception.


We have accessible toilets and a parents room on Level 1 for families and those with visible and hidden disabilities. We support the Crohn's and Colitis UK campaign to raise awareness of hidden disabilities and our accessible toilets are available to anyone who needs them.

The centre’s accessible toilet is currently fitted with a RADAR lock to ensure availability for those with a disability, however all Mercury staff have access to a RADAR key and will be happy to provide access to anyone on request.

The parent room includes a smaller child’s ‘training’ toilet, a changing area and a private feeding area. It is also decorated with fun animals and a sensory light to help reduce tiny tears during change time!


Accessible parking is on all levels of the car park, nearest the automatic entrance doors creating an easy access to mall level. We also have family spaces on the first floor of the car park near the entrance of the centre.


Help Desk

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at with any accessibility questions.

If you are at the centre and need assistance, you can either speak to one of our team on the malls or visit our helpdesk on level 2 where we can help with directions/ guides / or even by calling taxis or family members and let them know where you are.


The Mercury team has an array of events over the year where we cater for an array of needs, however we do also arrange events aimed specifically for those with autism spectrum conditions, sensory and additional needs and their parents/carers.

You can find out more about these events and when they are happening by keeping up to date with our website, asking at the helpdesk or checking our social media pages.

To view the latest events, click here


We get advice from a range of different local and national charities to ensure that we are working towards an inclusive environment:

D2 Interactive