Romford Film Festival

Romford Film Festival

 The first Romford Film Festival is taking place this weekend, from Friday 6 October to Sunday 8 October. The festival is being held at the Mercury Mall and is being hosted by Premiere Cinema's.


Students from Havering College are working at the festival throughout, interviewing guests, filming a variety of things for the event as well as taking charge of the Mercury Mall's social media.


The festival will be showcasing the best independent films from around the world over the weekend as well as having many different guests. The festival truly focuses on those who work independently and thus will help them to gain more exposure. 


Up and coming band known as The Trusted have been performing a little bit in the Premiere Cinema and the students on work experience managed to get a few pictures of them as well as nail an interview with the band! As well as this, independent musical duo Belle Roscoe are going to be attending the event as confirmed on their twitter page as well as many other guests, be sure to constantly check back on all of our social media's to see who else has turned up to this fantastic event.


There will also be awards given out throughout the duration of the festival. Michael Wearing confirmed on twitter that he has been asked to present an award at the festival by Joseph Sultana, the owner of Laughing Raisin Productions and more importantly the founder and director of the Romford Film Festival. Feel free to come along!


*Thank you to the students of Havering College for this blog post.*


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