Caffe Della Continental -  Open for take away orders only

Caffe Della Continental - Open for take away orders only

 Caffe Della Continental


Our Values:

Caffe Della Continental, we promote with passion the same values standing behind our brand in our 100 years of market history.



The love for our earth is a serious commitment for us. Coffee beans from organic farms delivering the same values we believe in, from the working codes to the environmental respect of each harvesting process and we invest in energy savings and more.


Coffee Culture: 

Passion for high end ingredients, care for each blend mixing process, attention to the packaging and preservation of our coffee aromas, up to the preparation of all our Italian food traditional recipes. Traditions: Investment in the adoption of hand-crafted working methods, attention to the strict adherence of our recipes to the old Italian traditions, the real secret of our coffee and food value proposition


.1.       Traditional and Exotic Coffees & Bakery Varieties

2.       Live Fresh Pasta Cooking

3.       Freshly made Extracts, Smoothies & Gelato

4.       Luxury & Calm Seating Environment

5.       Free WiFi

6.       Disabled Toilet

7.       Customer Loyalty Card

8.       10% Off for all *60's Plus Senior Citizens*Students*Civil Servants*Shopping Mall Management & Stores Employees.


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