The common garden gnome is BACK!

The common garden gnome is BACK!

Forget tasteful trellises and subtle water features, gnomes are what Romford wants!


Online sales of gnomes rose 42 percent in the past two weeks. Asda have sold 92,000 already just this year.


Delighted with the renewed interest of these retro garden ornaments, Asda held a vote for customers on which new figures to introduce. As well as your normal red-capped fisherman, you’ll also see nurses, firemen, superheroes and princesses. Keep your eyes out for these more modern gnomes that have already started making their appearences in stores around the UK...


Watch out world, gnomania is taking over!


Get your gnome fix at Asda on level two or online



Gorman The Gnome cake, £10, Asda



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