No Fear comes to The Mercury!

No Fear comes to The Mercury!

Diagnosed at age of 10, Opal struggled to interact with peers and express her emotions. As pictures speak louder than words she found with her art she could reduced her anxiety levels and increased her confidence. When she couldn't find the right words, she would draw positive pictures that helped her express herself instead. Working, meant Opal met with people that didn't really understand her condition and only saw what she could NOT do. But, Opal has always been using her art to make others happy  so when The Sycamore Trust (a specialist Autism charity based in Romford) offered her a chance to do that again, she jumped at it. She called this first exhibition ‘NO FEAR’ because there are many different people out there that should have their positives celebrated and her Autism allows her to be brave, do that and have No Fear.



Opal says; " I am forever grateful to the Sycamore Trust, Havering Changing and the Romford Mercury for offering me this opportunity to help people on the Autism spectrum become more visible to the general public and showcase what we can do, hot just what we can't"


NO FEAR exhibition runs from Thursday 12th to Sunday 22nd August at Daniel's View on Level three of the Mercury.



For details about any of the art on display, please call the Sycamore Trust Autism Hub on 

01708 749816 or email


Sycamore Trust UK is a charity that supports families and individuals for whom Autism Spectrum Disorder is part of daily life.  The charity is based in the Autism Hub in Laurie Walk, which can be accessed via the Mercury Mall path linking to the Liberty Centre.  Sycamore Trust offers a range of products and services, including youth clubs and peer groups and visitors are welcomed to the Autism Hub four days a week.  For more about Sycamore Trust, including opening hours at the Hub, go to


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