Sensory Shopping

Sensory Shopping

It's Autism Awareness Week starting today until Monday 2nd April.




It's designed to help raise funds for a fund called Too Much Information, which the National Autistic Society hopes will raise awareness of what autism is, what autistic people go through and how you can make their lives easier.



   To highlight our understanding Mercury staff have today taken part in an 'Understanding Autism' course led by Brad to help expand our knowledge, understanding & how we can help improve sensory shopping for our customers.





Introducing The Mercury Sensory Shopping guides...


Every Tuesday we offer our shoppers 'Sensory Shopping' various small changes such as turning the music off, turning off the hand dryers, for example make it a more welcoming and comfortable place for people with autism and other sensory processing conditions, as well as their accompanying family and friends.


   The Mercury understands that for some people with autism spectrum conditions, sensory or additional needs a visit to a busy shopping centre can be a daunting experience.This is why we have developed Sensory Shopping guides, which aim to support individuals with autism spectrum conditions, sensory and additional needs and their parents/carers, during their visit to The Mercury.



The guide will support you from the early stages of planning a visit, arriving at the centre, information about our amenities and services to what to do in an emergency.


You can now pick up a visual guide, detailed guide or autism awareness card from the help desk on level two.




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