Outdoor summer fun with The Entertainer

Outdoor summer fun with The Entertainer

At last its summer time! With sun filled days, camping trips and picnics in full swing, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors with some fun and games for all the family. 


Play is a vital part of a child’s development and outdoor play has the added benefits of fresh air and exercise to help with concentration levels and physical wellbeing, not to mention the way nature can help inspire an increase in imagination and creativity. 


Research has shown that kids spend half the time their parents did playing outside and with time set aside for homework and studying as well as the lure of technology – we need to make the most of the light evenings and longer days with outdoor activities. 


So, if you need something to entice kids out or even if you’re kids love being outside but you simply want to inject some extra fun into outdoor games, then our team of play experts here at The Entertainer are on hand to help.  The Entertainer’s Play Expert, Katie Gritt gives her top tips for revving up outdoor play! 


Make Outdoor Games a Hit


 1. Make it ‘sound’ fun!‘

Going for a walk’ can feel like more of a chore to kids but telling them it’s an ‘adventure walk’ can be more enticing.  Take a ball or Frisbee with you so you can stop along the way for a game or make a nature treasure hunt map before heading out.


2. On your bike!

Give your bike or scooter ride a purpose and make the destination more fun – heading to the park for a session on the swings or stopping for an ice cream makes the cycle more rewarding!


3. Set them a challenge.

Help give them something to work towards and test themselves.  See how many laps they can do on their bike or scooter, how many times can they catch the ball in one minute or set up a target for water blasters.


4. Let them play on their own.

While it’s good to play with your children, it’s also beneficial for them to learn how to have fun independently.  Give them an idea to get them started if they need it, such as ‘what can you build in the sand’ or asking them to make up a story about the toy they are playing with and you’ll be amazed at what they manage to come up with. 


5. Invite their friends.

Older children in particular will be much more excited about playing outside if their friends are there.  Set up games such as Frisbee or Snap It or for those really hot days – have a water fight!   


Whether you’re out in the garden, heading off to the park or camping for the weekend, The Entertainer has a huge range of toys for all ages that will have them riding and splashing around and are guaranteed to keep the kids happy and entertained this summer.    


Ball games are great for taking out and about with you – whether to the park or beach. Helping to improve balance, hand-eye coordination and increase self-confidence these toys are also great exercise too!  Bikes and scooters are ideal for younger ones and easy to transport, you can watch your youngsters zoom along practicing their motor skills, negotiating obstacles and keeping up with family on a day out. 


Phlat Ball (5-12 yrs)

RRP £8.80

From phlat disc to phlat ball in the air. Grab your friends or family and get throwing - much more exciting than a Frisbee!




Snap It – Game in a Bag (8-12 yrs)

RRP £10.00 

Test your reactions with this exciting twist on a game of catch.  Timing is everything as you open and snap closed the bat to catch the ball. 





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