Keep the kids occupied outside

Keep the kids occupied outside

As the days start to get warmer and the summer holidays sneak up on us, it’s time to start thinking about activities to keep the kids entertained.


With an abundance of online games and gaming consoles out there, we wanted to give you some fun ideas for outdoor activities that will reduce screen time and get kids out into the sunshine!  There’s plenty of fun to be had with outdoor games for kids, whether you’re in the garden, the park or out on a day trip. And with options for all ages you can keep the whole family entertained for less than you might think!


Create hundreds of bubbles in just 60 seconds with this turbo bubble machine, £6, Wilko. Make up  games around who can catch the most or see how many bubbles you can get in the air at once with a whole range of bubble kits. 



Classic family favourites

Certain things just never get old, so why not relive some childhood memories with your own kids, play a game of catch, teach them to skip, or set up a game of swing ball? Swingball, £20, Asda Direct.



Cooling off

Summer in the garden wouldn’t be complete without a paddling pool! And if the heat gets a bit much, there are loads of other ways to cool down with the kids too – like starting a water fight!

George Home paddling pool, £12, 4ftx6ft, George Home.


Main picture: Raceway water slide, £12, Wilko



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