8 films you HAVE to see this summer at Premier Cinema

8 films you HAVE to see this summer at Premier Cinema

From Beauty And The Beast to the much anticipated launch of Power Rangers and the hilarious Baywatch reboot, there's a whole host of epic films to choose from this year.


Not sure which ones are worth your time? Watch our roundup of the must-see movie trailers below and get booking your tickets today. Lights, camera, action!


King Arthur: Legend of the SwordTake the famous tale of the sword in the stone, throw in the gritty style of Guy Richie and what do you get? King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Starring the ruggedly handsome Charlie Hunham, the story follows Arthur as he discovers and fights for his royal birthright - the throne.


Release date: 19 May




Wonder Woman


One of the most iconic female heroines of comic legend, this year Wonder Woman is being brought to the silver screen. Gal Gadot plays an Amazon princess, who leaves her home to explore her power and help defend the world from evil.


Release date: 1st June




Despicable Me 3


The minions are back! Gru and his lovable minions return in Despicable Me 3, which sees Gru team up with his wife to take on former 80s child star Balthazar Bratt, and stop him achieving world domination. Expect hilarious accents and dancing galore.


Release date: 30 June




Spiderman: Homecoming


In his first solo outing as Peter Parker, Tom Holland brings the red suited superhero to life in Spiderman: Homecoming. Inspired by his time with the Avengers, Peter looks to embrace his power and is given the opportunity when Vulture, a flying villain, threatens everything he cares about.


Release date: 7 July




Cars 3


Everyone's favourite animated car is back on the big screen! After being beaten badly by newby racer Jackson Storm, Lighting McQueen starts to doubt his abilities. But with the help of another rookie, Cruz Ramirez, he learns some new tricks and enters to race in the Florida 500.


Release date: 14 July





The Emoji Movie


Featuring a host of movie stars voicing your favourite emojis - Sir Patrick Stewart as the poop emoji anyone - The Emoji Movie is destined to be one of 2017's best. Set in a world inhabited by emojis, we follow Gene, who embarks on a quest to find out why he has multiple facial expressions when his emoji friends don't.


Release date: 4 August




Blade Runner 2049


35 years after the release of the original film (we know!), Blade Runner 2049 sees Officer K (Ryan Gosling), a new blade runner for the LA Police Department, unearth a secret that requires the help of missing Harrison Ford. A guaranteed crowd pleaser and welcome return of a classic genre.


Release date: 6 October




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