£10 face V £100 face

£10 face V £100 face

-Superdrug reveals sales of value cosmetics are up by 9 per cent -  


When it comes to makeup is it really worth paying more?  That’s the question Superdrug asked recently when it showed customers two photographs, one created with makeup costing a tenner, the other created with makeup costing over £100. 


48 per cent of those questioned said they could not tell the difference with only 12 per cent correctly picking the £100 face. 


Industry experts, bloggers and media invest hours of their time helping consumers shop for the correct beauty products for their particular skin, colour and style.  But when faced with two lipsticks, the same shape, size and colour with a price difference of up to £40 how much of a difference can be detected?


Superdrug launched its first ever exclusive value cosmetics collection from MUA six years ago with prices from just £1.   Now step into a Superdrug store and you’ll find a huge range of makeup which has been created to offer the latest trends at bargain prices.  


Brands such as Studio London, MUA, Makeup Revolution and Collection, offer customers expert products including strobe cream and balm, contour kits and precision makeup brushes, all under £5. 


The two looks Superdrug created for its test used five products from both value brands and premium brands with the £10 face costing just £9.97, £90.53 cheaper than the premium face which amounts to £100.50. 


Sarah Gardener, Superdrug Head of Beauty said: “You’d have to have a real eagle eye for premium beauty to tell the difference between a £3 lipstick and one costing £40. “This test proves that when it comes to makeup paying more isn’t about the face you’re wearing it’s about the packaging and being swayed by million pound advertising campaigns. 

“If savvy women are just after the latest looks then this research proves it really isn’t worth paying more.”  


Superdrug £10 face:                                                                                 

Collection Naturally Matt foundation £2.99

Bronze Glow Mosaic Sunkissed £2.99

MUA Intense Kohl eyeliner £1

Miss Sporty Fab lash Mascara £1.99

MUR Amazing lipstick – The One £1

Total cost £9.97


Premium £100 face:

 Mac Studio Fix foundation £22

Mac Mineralise Skin Finish Powder £24

Laura Gellar Kohl Eyeliner £16.50

Benefit They’re Real mascara £19

Illamasqua Glamore nude lipstick £19.50

Total cost £100.50




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